The goal of this project is 1st to make Unix 32V into a hostable enviroment (kinda like UML). I wanted to run real unix under a debugger, so that I can see better how it works.. I really enjoy Watcom, as you can go backwards with their debugger! (I'm guessing that OpenWatcom does to, I'm using version 10.0 on Win95). Anyways after getting this thing along further, it may be cool to make 32v a .net service, or re-host it on oslib or oskit, making 32v bootable again! If anyone want's to donate some 64 bit hardware, it would be interesting to see how hard it would be to make this 64 bit clean too...


There is a tonne of work to do! All the low level code is un-implemented (missing.c). Since there is no proper initialaztion, most things don't work correctly. Also there are no proper block or char devices. However It compiles, and without doing an iinit, it will go into the scheduler (Down the line the scheduler really only should set guest thread priorites, and act to kill process). If anything else, it's cool to see that 32v compiles mostly out of the box!

All of the kernel functions have been re-named to UNIX_XXX (ie binit is now UNIX_binit) I did this so that I can use the native OS's c runtime, with the kernel code, and this way I'm sure which printf is which.

I have tested the latest release with GCC (win32/OpenBSD/MacOSX).

At the very least this is a cool way to run a UNIX kernel under a debugger to see exactly how it works!

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